Altai priestess

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David Morgan February 3, 2021

Here are sketches made of the Siberian Ice Maiden. There is a sketch of her burial and a sketch of only some of her many tattoos, alongside these we see images of the Ice Maiden wearing the headdress she was buried with, this headdress stood nearly 3ft tall!

The Siberian Ice Maiden or the Altai Princess is a mummy of a woman from around the 5th century BC. She was found buried in a kurgan (burial mound) of the Pazyryk culture in the Republic of Altai on the China/Russia border.

The Altai Princess may have belonged to the Scytho-Siberian people, a branch of the Scythians. A nomadic people who dominated the pontic step in the 1st millennium BC.

The ice maidens coffin was carved from a single larch tree trunk decorated with leather appendages depicting deer and stags. There were a number of wooden tables and utensils designed for nomadic life, with some still containing her meal prepared for the after life. Her organs had been removed and replaced with aromatic herbs.
It is thought the woman may have been a priestess or Holy woman among her people based upon her burial, the items found inside and in particular her 3ft headdress! The Princess or Priestess was wearing a yellow silk tussah blouse, a woollen skirt and high riding boots. There was also a mirror of polished metal and a fur of a marten. The headdress of the priestess had a wooden substructure with a molded woollen felt covering and many carved feline and bird figures covered in Gold.

This headdress, for me, would have acted as both a symbol, and a practical tool in the mystical ceremonies of these ancient people.