Altai priestess

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David Morgan February 3, 2021

The Altai priestess or Siberian ice Maiden would have been an important spiritual matriarch, a seer and prophetess, in Welsh an Awenyddion, a person deeply connected to the otherworld, the ancestors and the Gods!

The priestess was only 25 to 30 at the time of her death, her tattoos were of horses, deer and magnificent stags with exaggerated antler that spiralled and twisted in curls. Her hat was 3 ft tall, covered in black woollen felt and decorated with many animals, birds and mythical creatures all covered in Gold leaf!
The headdress itself is thought to represent the tree of life which was prominent in the culture, in my view it would have acted as a direct connection to the otherworld and the ancestors, with the tree being the means of communication!

In the image we see a Golden belt buckle that was found in a kurgan (burial mound) not far from the ice maidens burial and definitely from the same culture. In this beautiful example of Gold working there appears to be a dead person laying out with his horses at his feet, a relative or chief holds the reigns. The deceased persons head rests in the lap of the seer or Priestess and the tree of life looks to be growing from the torso of the dead man. If we look carefully, we can see the priestess is wearing her 3ft headdress wrapped in conductive woollen felt and decorated with Gold, this headpiece appears to be entwined within the tree of life itself, no doubt in contact with the dead man’s spirit leaving, or arriving in the otherworld!

This, for me, is more evidence in the ancient use of ceremonial dress and attire specifically designed to make contact with the ancestors or Gods in the afterlife, or the other world!