BBC Radio Wales picking up on SWND Records releases

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Mike Kennedy February 15, 2021

With SWND Records latest release by Femmebug making the playlist on BBC Radio Wales the Swansea based record label and magazine really are making their mark on the music scene. Have you checked out ‘Comfortable Place’ ?[0]=AT2ZCu5ycUxDyEalgf3U5FRkwyN4BCiNxKOBodM4aOBruHP7XCh1a4DVK2hQTmAUKEXKrGuxT-eNwvHwkwrPBo1ie-LYafO_0m7k8epZZTsoxVIc7QE02w8Z9oRNSoSPFoQ0bYBtmDSCkMP_IMqWgA8sHZ_DpJP5fQBDOS7-82zpbF_dYfWE8lkS68AghCa1rqNLUaVx

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