Best Tin in the world?

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David Morgan October 19, 2020

This is a map showing ancient sources of tin, tin is very rare, with only 2 parts per million within the earths crust as compared with 50,000 parts per million of iron.
The west country, Cornwall and Devon had the biggest and best tin mines in the whole of Europe if not the world, this was well known by ancient people and there is now a lot of evidence pointing to its importance. Some sources even describe Britain’s name as deriving from the metal, this resource was well known to ancient maritime traders (sea people), and would have been a well guarded secret along with sea routes, trade winds and other resources/mines.
Tin is used in the alloy bronze, which consists of about 85-90% copper and 10-15% tin, I believe bronze was important due to its durability over huge timescales.