Building Welsh links in Houston, Texas

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Dorian True September 24, 2020

Back in 2015 I was lucky enough to come into contact with a gentleman by the name of Travis Middleton from Houston, Texas after connecting many times with him on social media. In June of 2016 we were lucky enough to arrange a meeting in Swansea face to face when he was over on business and also meeting up with his wife’s family who are also from Swansea. After we talked for a few hours over a couple of coffee’s I could not believe how passionate he was regarding Wales and explained to me what he was trying to do for Wales and wanted us at Fly 2 Wales to get involved. As the years have gone by we have stayed in close contact and exchanged many links and business connections, in February 2020 I went over with my wife to Houston and had a fantastic time there. Travis arranged tickets for us to see the Rodeo when we were there and we met many great people, including lunch with Richard Hyde Her Majesty’s Consul General in Houston. Everyone’s hospitality and kindness was second to none and I hope to revisit there one day. We both to this day continue to try and build and work on connections between Houston and Wales and one day we will get there eventually. In my eyes Travis would make a brilliant Ambassador for Wales working with his company TradeMark Insurance Agency which has a worldwide client base.