First of March: Connecting Wales to the World

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Saint David May 8, 2020

By Ruth Davies​

Digital or Analogue

“The online world has become more important than ever before and adapting business models to become digitally friendly is imperative for sustainability” – Hannah Kathleen Hawkshaw

What I love about that statement is that it is not exclusive: rather it implies that all businesses have the potential to be digitally friendly and can be so in a way that is unique and relevant to them. That it is not an either or.

"Chloe" by Suzanna James

“Chloe” by Suzanna James – Courtesy of Suzanna James and Chloe Grayson of Fox and Owl

It is not just about replicating the physical world online: nor a few posts on social media: it is about crafting a business and brand that harnesses the power of the digital world to tell a story more effectively, to connect more engagingly with an audience that was previously unreachable – stories told in pictures, words, audio or video.

It is not just about understanding key words and google search engines, titles and meta data, it is about establishing connections, building relationships, sparking conversations and creating communities of value – using the digital to draw attention to the physical and analogue.

So I feel really privileged to be part of St David’s World, and to have the opportunity through this digital community, to meet and connect with the friends of Wales – to share a very special story – the story of First of March and the community of Makers we support.

Not the usual suspects…


“Amber jewels in silk” – Image courtesy of Charles and Patrica Lester

Established in 2019,​ ​First of March is the luxury online marketplace dedicated to connecting the world class makers from Wales with the world. Over the next few months I would like to introduce you to some incredible people – award winning craftsmen and women, living and working in Wales – embedded in their local communities while creating a new and exciting cultural story of international value.​

They have designed for Hollywood ‘A’ listers, featured in the most prestigious international luxury magazines as well as major films – like Downton Abbey: their work sits in some of the most important international collections including the V & A and the Goldsmiths’ Company and showcased at major UK exhibitions.

A ‘virtual’ portal, then, to an analogue world: a digital means to celebrate beautiful, world class craftsmanship from Wales and connect with the friends of St David’s world.


“Rapture” – Courtesy of Angela Farquharson

Learn about this wonderful community of Makers where luxury is defined by values, provenance and authenticity, attention to detail and exquisite workmanship. Understand the ethos that informs their work and discover a community that offers something unexpected, a little different – contributing to and creating a contemporary expression of Wales.

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