Giggs to manage Manchester United?

Profile picture of David Bowden - Cardiff, Wales
David Bowden - Cardiff, Wales October 11, 2020

Is it really every welsh footballers dream to manage both their club and country after their playing days are over?
Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. The last thing I’d want is for peoples memory of me to be “that former player who could do nothing with his team” and having a chequered run of luck with them.

Giggs is a Manchester United legend and always will be for his playing prowess, but the club is a household name with millions of supporters worldwide, so a fall from grace here, means it’s a long way down!

OGS managing Man United was billed as something that could rekindle the clubs hopes of winning the premier league and filling up the trophy cabinets once again, but that’s not gone quite to plan so far!

So here’s hoping that Ryan is familiar with the intimacies of running one of the biggest football teams in the world.