Goodbye to Callum Paterson?

Profile picture of David Bowden - Cardiff, Wales
David Bowden - Cardiff, Wales September 27, 2020

I have to admit, I really like Callum Paterson ( @callump7 ) He’s a ‘keeps on going’ an ‘in your face’ player who is disruptive to the opponent. He’s famous with Cardiff City fans for his ‘fortnite’ goal celebrations which was something I really loved about him!
He’s a fan’s favourite and always will be. However, his versatility has been his undoing with Cardiff City now, with few games and fewer starts. I hope that Sheffield Wednesday make the most of his talents and abilities and that he gets back to regularly playing first team football. Good luck Callum, you’ve been an asset to Cardiff City and  I know many will wish you well (until you score against us in the championship!!) 😂😉

assuming he goes of course!!