Grannies Of Gorslas School. GOGS!

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Annie Ashley October 25, 2020

We have been meeting regularly as a small group of local grannies for year’s. We call ourselves GOGS but clearly are not Gogs (as in Welsh people from up north) because we are from the south!

Started by Lynwen (Bos) now run by Joyce (NOT Bos -dont ask!) We meet primarily for fun and to support each other for whatever reason.

Most either have or had grandchildren in Gorslas School. My own grandchildren are in England but I was kindly asked to join, so I did and have never looked back.

Before Covid, we met every 2 weeks, for coffee or a meal. We have a What’s app group too.

It’s always a lot of fun but we do have more serious discussions too and the group is very kind and supportive.

This week I am going to try and upload a few fun posts from our Grannies group.

You may get the gist of what we are like 😂

Here we go then! (Hope this works!)

Well… only let me upload one!

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