Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre in Nebraska

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Dorian True December 29, 2020

Just before the Christmas period I was in contact with the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre in Wymore which is in Nebraska, USA. It’s a brilliant museum which exhibits Welsh-American history and culture, they also run events throughout the year, many may I add are volunteers. After communicating through various emails they have kindly allowed us to display our merchandise and information on Fly 2 Wales at the museum and in turn we have now become one of their Sustaining Organization Members. What another great avenue to share information about Wales, like I have mentioned previously we must utilize these fantastic Welsh Societies and organisations which are situated around the world for our benefit on promoting and building links with Wales. Please take a look at their web site and the work they do.

  • Joe Davies 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Happy New Year. and thanks