Hand drawn map of the Gower peninsula south Wales

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David Morgan September 28, 2020




Please excuse the long description, it is from a previous post, this is a 1830 hand drawn map of the Gower peninsular, completed in the tower of London by an officer of the Royal engineers. Its artistic nature really caught my imagination. Some of my posts may be allegorical in nature : )

My daughter and I were looking at this old map (1830s) of the Gower peninsular, and we both agreed that if you stood back, at an angle, and squint your eyes slightly, you may be able to see, what looks to be, a man with a small beard sleeping, and a little man, or a Myrddyn (Myrddin) coming from the top of his head : )
If you look closer where the eye appears to be, it looks as though the pineal gland is protruding.
Well, right in there, up into the forehead, of the imaginary face of course, is a place I once worked for a stone mason, just above the eye, right at the root of the nose.
And, if you look just below the Myrddins head, just above Reynoldston village, where the king Arthur pub is located, you will see the Stone of king Arthur, just where Myrddyns thyroid gland would be : )
I suppose you could look at the mouth of the Tawe river as being the mans thyroid also, with the welsh word Tawe having connotations towards silence and taciturnity. (Da’ath)
That would make the mouth of the Neath river valley and its estuary the thymus, with the Afon river valley running through the middle of the mountainous heart.
Also the large Llwchr river mouth to the west with its aptly named Bacas (Bacchus/Dionysus) sands and the Awen/Chi/Prana (Inspiration) entering the crown of the sleeping mans head.

(My daughter! also thinks that the Myrddin looks like a tea pot, coming from the mans sleeping head, with tear tracks coming from the eye : )

Apophenia, synchronicity or social myopia?

: )