About Harry

Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, with family based in South Wales, I went to university in Cardiff meeting many interesting and passionate people. Here I co-founded a design and build social enterprise, CAUKIN Studio.

At CAUKIN Studio we are dedicated to creating skill exchange opportunities through design and construction, providing communities the opportunity and tools to shape the spaces they inhabit. We work to tackle social, environmental and economic problems through beautiful, well-crafted design. Please visit us here –> http://www.caukinstudio.com

As a founding director at CAUKIN my role lies in the areas of stakeholder engagement, wider research and big picture thinking. The role is crucial in ensuring that every CAUKIN project has the highest level of impact possible, through open communication with our clients and active engagement strategies with our community end users. I’m always thinking ahead to possible systematic issues and challenges that could be solved through design thinking and in depth research and analysis.

Through university and the conception of CAUKIN I have refined my skills in communications and public facing aspects of the company for businesses pitches or lectures at institutions and universities across the world.

Outside of work I’m a keen rugby player, cyclist and love getting involved in anything creative from throwing pottery to screen printing, photography and film to large scale artwork.

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