September 16th is Owain Glyndŵr day!

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Dafydd Jones September 15, 2021

September 16th is Owain Glyndŵr day!

He died over 600 years ago, but there’ll be events throughout Wales today to mark his life from school activities to street parades. People still remember and revere him. Owain was a leader, the Prince of Powys who came from princely stock, he was related to the ruling families of Powys, Deheubarth and Gwynedd, areas which covered most of Wales.

Rugby legend Grav would have been 70 last Sunday. He adored Glyndŵr. He often said that if he had been alive in Glyndwr’s time, he would have been one of his soldiers. Back in on Corrie actor favourite builder Owen Armstrong related to Owain Glyndŵr or at least the Welsh actor who played him is, Ian Pulestone Davies, from Flint, had a bit of a shock when BBC Wales ancestry programme Coming Home, traced his family tree right back to Glyndŵr.

The day we remember as his day he led a successful guerrilla action from the town of Corwen in North Wales. It was also the day he was instigated as the Prince of Wales.

By 1403, the rest of the Welsh united behind Glyndŵr. Many Welsh students at Oxford University went home to join Owain’s army! Support also came from the Kings of Scotland, Brittany and France. In 404 he set up a Parliament for Wales in Machynlleth. Its work takkng a look at the Parliament building which is still standing on the side of the road on the left after the Wynnstay Hotel.

There’s a statue of Glyndŵr in Cardiff City Hall. Owain was last seen in 1414 leading a revolt in Brecon where he captured and ransomed a friend of the King. Nobody has ever known when or how he died however there are stories, such as he was killed while dressed like a monk. And if you believe all the various stories of burial his body is in about three or four different places!

But in truth, he hasn’t died at all of course. He is sleeping waiting for the call to arms of his fellow countrymen and women, as the last native Welsh Prince of Wales.

In the meantime, life your glass in his name, on his day!!