Pro14 Rainbow Cup splits in two due to travel restrictions

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Dafydd Jones April 21, 2021
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  • Pro14 Rainbow Cup splits in two due to travel restrictions

Author: Dafydd Jones

The Pro14 Rainbow Cup has been split into two tournaments, as South African sides are denied travel to Europe to compete.

The new format was set to feature the current 12 sides, along with the addition of the Bulls, Sharks, Stormers and Lions.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, two tournaments while now be held, with one in Europe and the other in South Africa.

The competition is set to begin on 23 April, with Scarlets facing the Dragons this weekend.

Current head coach and next season’s director of rugby, Glenn Delaney, insisted that he understands the reasoning behind the change.

“I think we certainly understand why in terms of it’s a very strange world we’re living in and things have surprised us and snuck up on us, it’s just the next part of the journey,” he said.

“I think the good intention was always there to get us going, certainly that’s the direction we’re travelling in for next season.”

“I guess the shame is that players won’t get a chance to play against those guys, that was the thing we were all looking forward to so we’re just looking to get back to what we’re doing in the competition as it stands.”

Commenting on the tournament’s split, forward Ryan Elias expressed his disappointment that the Scarlets won’t be facing the South African sides.

“I guess it’s disappointing as players because we want to test ourselves against the top South African sides,” he insisted.

“Obviously they’re big boys, totally different style of game they play, big, physical lads, so it’s disappointing we don’t get to go up against them and test ourselves.

“At the same time, it is what it is, it’s not ideal, but we’ve got to stick to the regulations and it’s just not feasible.

“So for us, we’re just looking ahead now to the Dragons this week and the games coming after that, but it is disappointing, it would have been good to go up against them.”

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