R I P Ted Phillips

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Dewi Morgan November 18, 2020

Coronavirus has robbed the choir of opportunity of paying our true respects to a great man, Ted Phillips, this week.

Ted was a quiet but very respected member of the 2nd Tenor section of Dunvant Male Choir for over 40 years.

We can reveal two of Ted’s lesser known diverse attributes, a secret to his close 2nd tenor colleagues.

In music, he loved Tonic Sol-fa, he understood it, he could immediately transpose it and produce the required note with tonal accuracy and volume to the benefit of both his choir and section.

His second attribute his generous love of boiled sweets, again to the benefit of those around him. Often on an away coach trip, a large pack of “bulls eyes” would appear and be passed around the thankful choristers, many not knowing that Ted was the sponsor.

Last Tuesday we said our feeble public goodbyes to Ted on the road outside St. Paul’s Church, Sketty but, be assured, that he’ll be truly respected at the first choir rehearsal whenever the dreaded virus allows us to re-form.

As we’ve often said, Ted was not great of stature but gigantic of heart and the choir will have an awkward situation post virus when somebody attempts to occupy his front row seat in the second tenors.

R I P Ted !

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