St Davids Day and I am making Welsh Cakes

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Christine McSorley March 1, 2021

rolling out Welsh cakes

cooking Welsh Cakes

What are you making for St Davids Day?


2 cups All Purpose Flour                1 ½ tsp Baking Powder                  pinch of salt

½ cup Butter/margarine

½ cup Sugar        ½ cup Currants

1 Egg     3tblsp Milk to mix


Sift dry ingredient Flour Baking Power and Salt

Rub in the fat to resemble fine breadcrumbs

Mix in sugar and currants

Add beaten egg and a little milk, to make a soft dough

Roll onto a floured surface to 5mm/ ¼” thick. Cut into 6-8cm/2-3“rounds

  • Christine McSorley 7 months ago

    I have changed the recipe slightly to help North Americans without a scale

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