Terms of Use


St David’s World is a platform for people to engage with each other through fully-autonomous online communities.

By using the the St David’s World platform (also termed the “platform”), you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. The Terms of Use (also termed the “agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between you and St David’s World.

If you do not follow the conditions and guidelines set forth in this agreement, we may choose to take disciplinary action against you, which could include, but is not limited to, your access being revoked, profile being suspended or your profile being terminated. In severe cases, we may involve law enforcement authorities.

You should read the Terms of Use in full.

The terms “us”, “we” and “our” refer to St David’s World. The terms “you” and “your” refer to all users of the platform.

Intentions of Use

Central to St David’s World is the concept of self-organising “communities”, based around a common interest in Wales. Our communities are intended:

  • For people to come together and create meaningful networks to share passions,
  • To be a safe and authentic place for communities to thrive,
  • For people who have a genuine interest in promoting or supporting Welsh interests.

Age Restrictions

You must be 16 years or older to use the St David’s World platform.

Acceptable Use Criteria

By agreeing to these terms, you are agreeing to the following Acceptable Use Criteria in respect of the intentions described above:

  1. Your intent must be genuine
  2. Your content must be authentic
  3. You must respect the privacy of others
  4. You must keep other people safe
  5. You must treat people with dignity
  6. You must not infringe on the legal rights of others individuals and/or organisations
  7. You must not use the platform to conduct any illegal activities, either directly or indirectly
  8. You must not use the platform in a way which may bring St David’s World into disrepute
  9. You must not use the platform for commercial gain without our express consent
  10. You must adhere to the terms set forth in this agreement


After registration, St David’s World may provide you with membership to community groups by default, to maximise your user experience. As with all community group memberships, users may opt to leave groups at any time.

Hosting Applications

The most important part of St David’s World is you. You are the building-blocks to our worldwide network of communities. We invite St David’s World users to help us build this network, so that we can unite in one voice and tell the world how great Wales is.

Potential hosts may apply to host a community group based on any worldwide location of their choosing. An application process is necessary in order that we ensure that the applicant is a person who will conduct themselves in a manner fitting to the values of St David’s World, and in accordance with the Acceptable Use Criteria.

We have the right to refuse an application at our discretion. If it is deemed that the potential host would not best serve the St David’s World mission, and/or, based on the information submitted in the application, we deem the application to present a reasonable risk of not being compliant with the Acceptable Use Criteria, then the application will be rejected.

Accepted applications to host a community mean that the applicant is thereby subject to the conditions described in the Acceptable Use Criteria.

The maximum number of communities that a host may be accepted for is 3. St David’s World reserve the right to reject an application at our discretion if we feel that an applicant is deliberately attempting to monopolise communities. Such action is not in keeping with the Acceptable Use Criteria and the Intentions of Use.

St David’s World reserve the right to remove a user from the role of community host, at any time.


Community groups names are based primarily on a real-life physical locations or subjects of interest. However, in some circumstances, we may choose to exercise a different naming convention. This would normally occur under the following circumstances:

There is already a community in the same location or with the same interest, and we wish to retain the existing one(s) but also accommodate the new one;
The community group is provided to an established society or group which has a specific name.

This applies both to new community groups which are going through the application process, and existing community groups.

If we change the name of a community for one of the reasons above, or another reason at our discretion, then we will inform the applicant/host at the earliest opportunity.

If a host wishes to change the name of a community, then the host must contact a representative of St David’s World to request the change. If the name change is permissible and complies with the Acceptable Use Criteria, we will do our best to accommodate the request where it is in the best interests of St David’s World and the given community. St David’s World reserve the right to reject name change requests.

Commercial Use

St David’s World is a tool to help manage established Welsh groups and societies, within which there may be commercial arrangements for membership. Any such arrangements which are/were conducted outside of the St David’s World platform are permitted at the discretion of the host. However, St David’s World is a free-to-use platform, therefore, a host may not charge subscribing members for access, or use of, the Platform.

Furthermore, hosts may not use community pages for commercial benefit, either for an individual or an organisation, without the express consent of St David’s World.


Users of the platform do so at their own risk. We will uphold the Acceptable Use Criteria and penalise violators if we deem that there has been a breach of those criteria. However, activities and events which take place offline are outside of our control. Thus, users should be vigilant and take sensible precautions when attending face-to-face events organised through the platform.

St David’s World is not responsible for events which occur offline in the real world.

We expect users of the platform to take responsibility for their actions within the platform. As a user, the identity of your user profile must represent your true personal identity. This enables individuals to take responsibility for their actions and for the content that they post, and helps to foster an authentic, trusting and genuine community environment. It is not permitted for a user to operate a profile on the platform without using his or her true personal identity to represent that profile. The use of generic user profiles for groups and organisations is not permitted. Groups and organisations may be represented by a community group. An individual representing him or herself may contact St David’s World in order to establish a community page to represent the group or organisation.


You, the user, are responsible for content which is attributed to you and contributed by you, to the platform. This includes all personal information which you choose to display on your profile, material which you share and opinions/ideas which you propagate.

Content which you are responsible for must comply with the Acceptable Use Criteria. St David’s World will take a hard stance on any user who is using the platform to share content which is in violation of these criteria. This includes any material which is pornographic, violent, disturbing, deliberately offensive, or material which propagates ideas which could be deemed as threatening or hateful towards others.

Users may only share content on the platform in a manner which is fitting with our intentions expressed as part of our Acceptable Use Criteria.

St David’s World is not responsible for user-generated content within the platform. However, we will take all reasonable measures to enforce the Acceptable Use Criteria and Terms of Use in order to protect users from the misuse of offending users. To that effect, we reserve the right to remove content and penalise users who violate the Acceptable Use Criteria.

St David’s World do not own the content that you share on the platform. However, by contributing content to the platform, you thereby provide us with the rights to utilise your content responsibly in order to provide the best product and service to all users. This may include sharing of content through social media channels and/or in marketing materials promoting the platform. This does not include content which could be deemed personally identifiable information, which is subject to the conditions laid out in our Privacy Policy.

If you observe misuse of the platform and/or you suspect that a user is in breach of the Acceptable Use Criteria, you may report the behaviour and the user to us using either one of the links on the platform or by emailing report@stdavids.world.

The Platform

We take every effort to ensure that the platform is functioning as expected. Industry best practices are followed in constructing the platform to deliver a highly resilient and robust product. Despite this, we cannot guarantee a smooth service due to possible factors that are outside of our control. We regret such instances and apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused to your platform experience.

The platform is an evolving software product. We pride ourselves in being responsive to user feedback and in developing a product which meets the needs of the user. Because user behaviour is constantly evolving, we may need to modify the platform by adding, removing or altering certain features. If such changes are deemed to be impactful to the degree that they would disrupt the user experience, reasonable measures will be taken to notify users of the changes in advance.

Reporting Misuse

Our Acceptable User Criteria apply to everyone. As a user of St David’s World, you have the right and the control to report potential violations of these criteria in any user-generated content. You also have the control to block other users of the platform.

If a user is found to be in violation of the Acceptable User Criteria, and therefore, the Terms of Use, St David’s World administrators will review the case. A first offence may result in a warning, coupled with removal of any content which is deemed to be unacceptable. Continued violation will result in access to the platform being restricted and/or profile being disabled permanently.

Depending on the severity and frequency of the violation(s), law enforcement may be notified. Where we believe there may be a risk of harm to an individual or threat to public safety, law enforcement will be notified without hesitation.

Changes to these Terms

We review the Terms of Use on a regular basis. The terms are constructed to serve the best interests of the users and St David’s World in order to ensure a safe, fair and enjoyable experience. To that end, changes may be made at any time. If changes are made, users will be notified and directed to this page.

[Last edited: June 11th 2020]