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Saint David May 15, 2020


St David’s World is the social platform for all things Wales.

We provide a voice for impassioned, enthusiastic and devoted people who identify with Wales to share their stories, and to inspire others around the world to do the same.

The platform offers community-building tools for people to create an online presence for their real-world location. People all around the world can join multiple communities to engage in activity with other members, and share in their common passion and interests.

By creating a global network of online communities, we can create a Welsh presence in every corner of the world, so that we can unite in one voice and tell the world how great Wales is.

A voice for your story

What’s your story? Wherever you are, you will find people just like you through the St David’s World community network. Watch the video below to hear Rhys’ story:


About the platform

Central to St David’s World is the concept of autonomous online communities, where people can interact in a genuine, authentic community environment, based around a common interest in Wales.

Users of the platform fall into two categories: hosts and members.

  • Hosts can create original stories (blog posts), create events and lead discussions between community members.
  • Members can search for communities (location-based or interest-based), and join in to interact with other members.

The global St David’s World network means that users can join any number of communities, which is perfect for people travelling, relocating or meeting other members from around the world.

Who is it for?

Being Welsh is not just a nationality – it’s an identity.

There’s many more of us outside of Wales than there are within, and the “friends of Wales” is a vast and diverse group.

That’s why St David’s World is open to all.

Maybe you have Welsh heritage, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve studied or worked in Wales, maybe you haven’t. Maybe your mum’s, friends, uncle’s, brother’s, neighbour’s dog is a Corgi, or maybe you just love Welsh cakes.

If you have a story to tell, St David’s World is for you and it’s free to use.

Read more about the “friends of Wales” here.

Why is it important?

St David’s World is a passion project run by a small team of diverse creatives who are proud to identify with Wales, and we want to give something back.

Wales is known for its passion, culture, innovation, creativity, music and sport. But we believe that Wales does not receive the international recognition it deserves.

We want to change that.

We’re setting out to reach 1 million people worldwide who identify with Wales, to give them a voice to tell their stories and to share those stories with people around the world.

We’re shining a light on Wales to celebrate our successes. Because despite our greatness, we’re still the small guy, so we need to sing louder and sing together.

Ready to start?

By taking part, you’ll be helping to build Welsh presence worldwide – starting in your home town or city.

Let’s make sure the world knows just how great Wales is.

Click on the link below to get started!

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