Ton y groes

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David Morgan October 12, 2020

I initially thought this was mynydd margam, but luckily checked the ordnance survey map before and found it to be mynydd brombil, the translation is broomhill? I have read that there is a lot of archeology on this mountain, but now they are going to build a windfarm on there???
Anyway, what I noticed about this, and this is a good one! : )
Is that there are many relations to the cross or groes, I count five in the area in total and two are mentioned alongside the word ton, which can mean lay-land but can also mean wave. I am with the idea of the wave, Lan ton y groes for example could be translated as upper lay-land of the cross, or my preference : ) llan ton y groes – holy area of the wave of the cross in, another translation with a slight addition it could be llanw ton y groes- tidal wave of the cross, in the top end of the map there is also ton y groes – wave of the cross, in my translation : ) Then there are 3 other sites relating to the cross in this small area.
There are many flood myths around the world, Noah’s flood, the flood myth of Egypt, mesopatamia, Zoroastrianism has a flood myth, the south American atlan flood myth, china has a flood myth and many more but I was recently surprised to learn that wales also has a flood myth recorded in the triads, the myth of Dwyfan and Dwyfach.
Also Merlin in his prophecies tells of a flood – ” the waters shall rise up in the twinkling of an eye.” Taliesin who is equated with Merlin by some also tells of great waves in some of his poems. There are also allegorical relations to heavenly bodies in both writing’s according to some sources, which I do not doubt, as there are many such stories from all around the world.
I know this is a bit of a stretch of the imagination again, but with the welsh language being allegorical and many things changed and hidden over the years, along with the history of Glamorgan, and the history of the Silures tribe, I think the area has a lot of history that needs to be looked after. I dread to think what was covered over with the steelworks, the windfarm will be built soon from what I have just read, and im not sure whether the fracking is still happening on foel fynyddau?
I could go on and on as this is a deep subject with many interlocking branches, and I have been looking into it for years due to my circumstances, but I only want to draw a little attention to the History. There are links from wales all the way across Europe to the black sea into Mesopotamia through Egypt, Greece,north Africa, Italy up the Iberian coast and back to Wales. And now modern science is starting to back it up.