Wales Food Fortnight: Join in the celebration of Welsh Products

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Dafydd Jones February 19, 2021

Author: Dafydd Jones

Wales Food Fortnight are working in partnership with Wales Week Worldwide to celebrate Welsh produce between 20 February and 7 March.

From a Penderyn whisky tasting to Welsh cheese of the day, the fortnight will be promoting local products.

Ahead of Wales Food Fortnight, Davina Carey-Evans, who is organising the event, has stressed the importance of supporting local businesses.

“It’s crucial. If we don’t support our local businesses, how do we keep the young people here?

“It’s one of those scenarios where when you’re living as an ex-pat, the Scottish and the Irish products are known throughout the world. Penderyn has certainly achieved that now and Welsh lamb, Welsh beef, of course, we do have these products, but we all know that we have so many products.

“By supporting local businesses, buying from local producers, creating jobs, it’s also better for the environment, it’s a win-win, whichever way you look at it.

“It’s all to do with raising the profile of Wales. It’s quite shocking when you live abroad how few people know where Wales is.”

Despite it being the first year of the fortnight, a great deal of support and interest has been shown from all over the globe.

Carey-Evans believes there is a huge scope to promote and gain a reputation for quality Welsh products.

“The audience that we’re talking to is very much the ex-pat Welsh community in London and the home counties; these are people who will buy products and most of the products can get to them.

“We’re also talking to Japan, Dubai and America and there are products that can’t reach that destination at the moment, but it’s also equally important to raise the profile of Wales.

“When the time comes that we are exporting to those countries, they know that we’re here and what we’re producing is qualify products and that’s a great message to get out to the world.

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