Washington Monument

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David Bowden - Cardiff, Wales October 10, 2020

I’ve just read this by Dorian True about the Washington monument and found it fascinating! Take a read!!

“Always a great read, thanks to The history of Wales for the recent reminder. #Wales #USA #Washington

The Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington was opened October 9th 1888. Halfway up, there is a stone which was donated by the people of Wales. Its inscription reads; Fy Iaith, Fy Ngwlad, Fy Nghenedl. WALES. Cymry am byth. (My Language, My Country, My People. WALES. The Welsh Forever).

The Washington Monument was built to commemorate George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first American president, who once declared “good Welshmen make good Americans”.

Construction of the monument, made of marble, granite and bluestone gneiss, began in 1848 and was completed in 1884. At the time, it became the world’s tallest structure and it is still, both the world’s tallest stone structure and the world’s tallest obelisk. A unique feature of the Washington Monument is the 193 memorial stones that adorn the east and west interior walls of the monument. The Washington National Monument Society invited countries, states, cities and patriotic societies to contribute Memorial Stones to pay tribute to the character and achievements of George Washington. “