Welsh Gold

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David Morgan February 3, 2021

Welsh Gold!
Gold has been mined in Wales since the first century AD we are told, the Romans made use of the rich Gold source in Dolaucothi in Carmarthenshire.

Gold was later found at Dolgellau in North Wales and this deposit was said to be the richest in the United Kingdom for some time! Even sourcing the Royal wedding rings!

Much of the ancient Gold working expertise has been attributed to Ireland with its large Gold deposits, yet recent chemical studies have shown much of the ancient Gold work in Ireland to actually have been sourced from Cornwall and the West country!

I believe some of the ancient people of Britain (and elsewhere!) were far more connected and far more advanced than we have been taught.

Welsh and Irish Gold is expensive due to its rarity and location we are told. The Gold has historically gone to sale at 30 times the normal cost!

Just recently a new Gold seem has been located in the North sparking a new mini Gold rush for Wales!