The importance of Welsh overseas Societies, Associations & Groups

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Dorian True September 11, 2020
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  • The importance of Welsh overseas Societies, Associations & Groups

Many years ago when I founded Fly 2 Wales with my business partner Lawrence we were always trying to find ways in which we could market Wales other than the normal avenues which had been exhausted. We have stressed for many years that Wales has always been under funded on advertising and marketing especially overseas and on the international scene compared to the rest of the UK. During the days when the Wales Tourist Board were running the show the budget was quite substantial but we lost many Millions when the Welsh Assembly was formed and disbanded the WTB forming Visit Wales running it with half of the budget. We did ask the question many times over the years as to where the rest of the money went but it fell on deaf ears. Our approach was simple why not use what we have already in place which are the many Welsh Groups, Societies and Associations which have been around for many years and situated worldwide. I believe these people are a vital part to the growth of Wales and as many are of Welsh descent they are just as passionate as us who live in Wales. These people also deserve the support and assistance with their organisations so that is why we at Fly 2 wales send over various items of merchandise for their own events or functions, what a great and easy way to market Wales by people who love their heritage.

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